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What’s Old is New Again

Written by  Douglas Cooke

For the past 45 years we have been striving to give you, our travel agent readers, the best possible travel intelligence in the most concise, easy to use formats. Our magazine has gone through several incarnations over the past few decades. Our long time readers will remember our pre-internet issues that numbered over 300 pages monthly.

As the travel industry adopted the new internet technology, we adapted as well. Where once the promotion of consolidator airfare was the primary focus of the magazine, we changed to a more complete travel magazine, charged with educating our readership about destinations, as well as providing information on tour products and consolidator air. We have changed the format of the magazine several times in order to clearly define the different types of products we were promoting while at the same time adding tools to our website to better enable you to find the information you needed as expediently as possible in the medium of your choice.

Two years ago we changed the name of our magazine from JAX FAX Travel Marketing Magazine to Destinations by JAX FAX Magazine. At the same time, we created a second magazine, Getting There by JAX FAX, dedicated to the promotion of international airfare. More recently those two magazines were combined into one “two-sided” magazine.
Earlier this year we launched our second website, to compile all the tools we provide to help travel agents find an air consolidator to best serve their client’s needs. This site complements which is focused on destination information.

In conjunction with this change we decided to return to our roots of publishing just one magazine which combines the destination information along with the consolidator air information in one easy-to-use format. As it has always been, the magazine is divided into 6 geographic sections, covering the world in each issue. Each section includes several destination articles as well as supplier “Best Buys” and consolidator airfare listings to that region. We have also launched a series of 6 monthly destination eNewsletters, mirroring the geographic sections of the magazine, as well as Cruise eNews and Luxury eNews, providing our readers with additional timely industry news.

As we continue to evolve in the way we provide you, our loyal travel agent readership, with timely news and information, I hope you will find these changes helpful and will embrace the variety of online and print tools that we offer you. Our goal is to provide the best, most useful content in all the different ways our readership wants to receive it. As always, your feedback is most welcome.

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