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From now till September 4, the Ellis Island National Immigration Museum in New York City hosts “Via Antwerp. The Road to Ellis Island.” The special exhibit, showcasing original artifacts, documents and paintings, was created by the Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp. Located in Flanders, Belgium’s westernmost province, Antwerp is also known for 17th-century Flemish art as well as trendy restaurants, nightspots and fashion boutiques.

Published in July - August

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Las Vegas. The name alone conjures up images of casinos, glittering lights, luxurious resorts, over-the-top attractions, and upscale dining. This 24-hour city has continued to draw visitors from around the globe and, if the latest arrival numbers are any indication, it’s likely to keep on this upward trajectory for years to come.

Published in July - August

The vast expanses of Canada seem to invite exploring by train. VIA Rail, Canada’s extensive rail network makes that possible - and easy for you to plan ( It stretches across the continent like a long ribbon from Halifax in the east to Vancouver and Prince Rupert in the west, with options reaching farther north to the land of ice and polar bears. It is one of the most modern train systems on the continent.

Published in May - June

When it comes to monikers, San Francisco, the “City by the Bay,” might well be called the “City That Never Sleeps.” In the past 6-8 months, hoteliers, restaurateurs and museum curators have worked feverishly on new and refurbished options for the summer and fall high seasons. The big news is the long-awaited May 14 reopening of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), tripling gallery space in an eye-catching building addition by Oslo-based Snøhetta.

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There is no better place for a visitor to have fun in the sun than in the state of Florida. Florida offers so much, from an Everglades experience, to Disney, to historical destinations that dot the state throughout. However, the real reason Florida pops into most people’s mind is because of the amazing white sand beaches. There are 1,200 miles of coastline in Florida and visitors can choose between either the Gulf of Mexico side or the wilder waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Published in March - April

USAThe western United States offers some of the best choices for skiing in North America. Their mountain ranges stretch higher than those in the east, so snow conditions are often
more dependable.
But helping your clients choose the right mountain can be more important in the west because not all mountains' terrains match all skier skill levels. Another factor that can be important to clients is distance from major airports. Some of the most exciting ski areas may require a bit more travel time from the airport to the slopes, but clients may make that trade-off to have less crowding and more space on the trails.

Published in January - February

The holiday season, from Thanksgiving to Hanukah to Christmas and New Years is a beautiful and busy time of year. Here are a few suggestions for your clients that are looking for a slower pace of holiday traditions in cities and towns in New Hampshire
and Pennsylvania.

Published in November - December

The key to satisfying clients who are looking for a ski vacation is to find the right place that fits their skills and style. The Northeast -- primarily New Hampshire and Vermont -- offer choices enough to fulfill any winter vacation dream.

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USAWhen George C. Yount planted the first grapevines in California’s Napa Valley in 1838, he never guessed the area would one day be a world-class wine region. Nor did he imagine that Yountville, the town he laid out in the 1850s, would become the valley’s “Culinary Capital,” home to legendary restaurants like The French Laundry. How surprised he would be to discover that some of the Napa Valley’s most luxurious resorts and spas, plus more than a dozen wineries, including the West Coast outpost of French Champagne-maker Moét & Chandon, now call Yountville home. How proud he would be of his town, the setting each spring for Yountville Live, a star-studded music, food and wine festival. How could anyone have known that tiny Yountville would become a premier Wine Country destination for families and couples alike?

Published in July - August

It takes only about 10 minutes to spot 20, hairy bison on Custer State Park’s Buffalo Jeep Safari. They just stand alongside the road, grazing, rolling in the dirt or vacantly staring at the vehicle. It is exciting to see these one-ton creatures up close. Custer State Park and the area around Rapid City, South Dakota is a place where you can truly experience the outdoors. Hike a lunar landscape, whiz down a mountain on an alpine slide in the shadow of Mount Rushmore, horseback ride alongside granite cliffs and learn about Native American and cowboy history. You’ll want to start singing “America the Beautiful” or “Home on the Range” when you see the amber waves of grain or the deer and the antelope play.

Published in May - June
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