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JAX FAX was saddened to learn of the passing of one of our founders, Charles (Charlie) Gatt Jr. on August 13, 2015. Charlie was  born in Sliema, Malta on August 7, 1934.

Published in September - October

DougIn 1995. Delta Airlines fired the first shot heard around the travel industry when it reduced, and eventually eliminated, travel agent commissions. At the time, other airlines sat in the wings waiting to hear how this bold move would affect sales of Delta by travel agents. Although trade organizations were proactive in informing their members about the perils of this move, they stopped short of warning agents not to book Delta due to concerns of collusion. Delta sales by the travel agent channel did not decrease significantly, and the rest of the US airline industry followed Delta’s lead.

Published in July - August

Ok, ASTA never actually left but, I for one have questioned the relevance of this once powerful trade organization over the past several years. I understood the importance of their ongoing role as an advocate for the travel agent distribution system, but I felt more needed to be done in terms of consumer awareness of the need to book with a travel agent. Add to this declining agent membership, and changes in their annual congress and I began to question the future
of ASTA.

Published in May - June

The Travel Institute, formerly known as the Institute for Certified Travel Agents (ICTA), has changed significantly since I first earned my CTC back in the mid 80’s. The only certification offered then was CTC, as well as a few Destination Specialist courses. Today’s Travel Institute has embraced technology and added additional certifications. Despite these changes, the Travel Institute’s mission remains the same: to enhance travel agent knowledge and excellence, and provide a measurement of professionalism in the
travel industry.

Published in March - April

For the third time in his presidency, Obama has eased restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba. Although these are the most far reaching efforts to date, only congress can lift the 50 year ban on travel there. Obama has reopened diplomatic relations with Castro’s government, and simplified the logistics for travel there by US citizens. What does this mean for your clients? Here are some of the key changes:

Published in January - February

Savvy travel agents know that Air Consolidators can offer a great way for clients to save money on international travel, while enabling you, the travel agent, to earn money selling air travel. Win, win right? But how do you really know if you are getting the best deal for yourself and your client? Until now, you could call multiple consolidators and get a quote over the phone, or you could log onto numerous consolidator websites and find the information yourself. Now there is a third, and better alternative. JAX FAX is now offering travel agents a new “Air Consolidator Request-a-Fare” program that allows you to obtain air fare quotes from multiple air consolidators.

Published in November - December

As I am sure our readers are all too aware, email marketing has become a preferred arrow in the marketing quivers of travel suppliers. Like you, my email is inundated with hundreds of emails, many of which are off target and of little interest to me. So why does email marketing remain so popular? Because, if done correctly, it is
very effective.
Below is an article written by Mike Marchev, a long time travel industry educator and speaker at various travel conferences, about how travel agents can effectively use email marketing to reach your customers and grow
your business.

Published in September - October

Along with this issue is our Annual Guide to Host Agencies, Coop’s and Consortia. This guide is a valuable source of information when looking to join one of these types of groups. It can also serve as a starting point for those agents who may currently be affiliated with an organization but are looking to make a change. Our research indicates that up to 35% of agents are considering changing their affiliation.
Why join one of these groups in the first place? For newer agents without a track record in the industry, it provides them with an agency partner through whom they can book travel. More experienced agents may join for one or more of the reasons below.

Published in July - August

ASTA has released the findings of two surveys they’ve conducted. They surveyed 8,300 consumers to gauge their perceived value of travel agents. They also reported on the evolution of agent-supplier booking patterns. We felt the results would be of interest to both our agent and supplier readers.

Published in May - June

As I am sure you have noticed, things have changed here at JAX FAX. The magazine you are reading is the new and improved version, now called Destinations by JAX FAX. With this magazine, you also received our new Getting There by JAX FAX magazine, which is 100% devoted to informing you about opportunities to sell international air and make money doing so. Included in Getting There are articles and interviews with airlines and air consolidators, as well as our patented “listings” of consolidator and charter airfares worldwide. Also included as part of this issue of Getting There is our Annual Guide to Working with Air Consolidators. This guide includes articles educating travel agents about how to work effectively with air consolidators, and also includes profiles of some of the leading consolidators.

Published in March - April
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