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EUROPE Turkey LargeTo someone who loves to walk, it doesn’t get much better than Turkey’s Lycian Way. It has everything a hiker would want; breathtaking views, secluded beaches, exciting cliffside trails, deep cool forests, ancient history, picturesque villages, and lovely pensions to overnight in. Turkey’s first long distance walking route in the southwest, hugging the entire Teke Peninsula, is truly a bucket-list dream destination. It travels for 540 kilometers (335 miles) between the cities of Fethiye and Antalya, and much of the life along the Lycian Way has not changed for centuries.

Published in November - December

Europe GermanyBIGWith countless cultural and historic sites in medieval towns and modern cities, and thousands of castles and wineries in a lush landscape of forests, mountains and rivers, Germany offers the best of Europe’s city and countryside. In 2015, the 25th anniversary of German Reunification, Germany experienced its sixth record-breaking year of international tourism, with the U.S., Germany’s biggest overseas market, posting 5.6 million overnight stays, a whopping 8.5 percent increase over the previous year. In the first quarter of 2016, U.S. stays were up 11.6 percent as Americans continued to flock to new and restored sights in the trendy capital of Berlin and throughout Germany. In 2017, attention shifts from Berlin to the nearby states of Saxony and Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt for countrywide celebrations marking the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s
Protestant Reformation.

Published in September - October

AFRICA COVERSTORYI’ve always been drawn to the beauty and mystery of the desert. There’s something about the stillness that’s otherworldly. The Negev Desert is where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob tended their herds, according to the Christian, Judean and Moslem faiths.

Published in July - August

EUROPE CROATIAHistory-rich Croatia is the tourist friendly star of southern Europe. With charming cities, a fascinating coastline, and a rich variety of scenery, the only major concern travel planners face is how much can be sensibly included in
any itinerary.

Published in May - June

EUROPE POLAND LARGESay “Poland” and it conjures images of WWII monuments, churches, museums and pierogies. No doubt about it, much of the traffic from the U.S. to Poland has been based on geneology in past years. But Poland is a Central European country ideal for family travel and visitors following their own passions way beyond being Polish.

Published in March - April

Caribbean-Antigua-largeThe largest of the Leeward Islands, Antigua and its petite pretty sister isle Barbuda are a wonderland of the finest beaches under the Caribbean sun. Attractions include historical sites like Nelson’s Dockyard, an unbroken wall of coral reef that attracts divers from all corners of the world, and a potpourri of edible delights like black pineapple and pepper pot stew.


Published in January - February

The pre-eminent tourism gathering in the Caribbean, State of the Industry (SOTIC), organized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) in collaboration with Curacao’s Ministry of Economic Development and the Curacao Tourism Board brought together tourism decision-makers, hotel and airline executives and travel agents. At the World Trade Center in Willemstad; capital city of Curacao, the conference theme Caribbean Tourism: Growth through Innovation was an attention-grabber with a host of seminars and keynotes that excited an enthusiastic crowd.

Published in January - February

Africa-QatarFor Qatar, a country that relies heavily on its hydrocarbon revenue, tourism has never been at the forefront of their identity. Recently, however, tourism is playing a pivotal role in diversifying the nation’s economy. In that vein, this past year the Qatar Tourism Authority has developed and unveiled a “Qatar destination brand” to position the country as a premium tourist destination offering an authentic experience rooted in the nation’s culture and heritage. H.E. Mr. Issa Bin Mohammed Al Mohannadi, chairman of Qatar’s Tourism Authority, stated, “The unveiling of Qatar’s first destination brand marks the beginning of a new phase in our journey towards achieving the vision for Qatar, to become a world class hub with deep cultural roots.”

Published in January - February

Africa-SASouth Africa is an excellent intro for anyone interested in Africa. Set on the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa’s cosmopolitan cities can be experienced side by side with the country’s rich African roots and recent Apartheid history. Add in abundant wildlife, natural beauty and a rich culture, and you are hard pressed to find that diversity anywhere else.
There is a lot to see in South Africa. If you’re an avid traveler, chances are you’ll pass through South Africa, en route to other Southern African countries; Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Whether your destination is South Africa alone, or you’re en route, do more than stretch your legs on a Jo’Burg layover. Get out and stretch your imagination and your sense of adventure.

Published in January - February

As one of the world's most ancient civilizations, China is on just about every modern traveler's bucket list. It has catapulted into the 21st century at lightening quick speed, making it all the more fascinating.
Even though China has modernized, traditional life continues in provinces like Sichuan where stores open on to the streets, senior citizens play Go and Mahjong, grandmothers carry babies in straw baskets strapped to their backs and people squat at roadsides to inspect vegetables while quibbling over prices
with farmers.

Published in January - February
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