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The end of the year draws near, making it a time to reminisce, but also to look ahead. This is the last issue of JAX FAX for 2015, so of course we are reviewing what stories and industry information we reported on during the year, and also, making our editorial plans for 2016, our 44th year of publication.

Published in November - December

JAX FAX’s Caribbean editor and I were recently discussing the contrasts in the destinations covered in this month’s Caribbean articles. She pointed out that while Cuba is Spanish, Bermuda is British. Bermuda is quite familiar with welcoming Americans, yet Cuba is brand-new to tourism from the United States.

Published in September - October

Have you seen the television commercial where the young boy is incredulous as to why adults do not take all of their paid vacation days? Personally, I am among the guilty who leave some paid time off on the table at the end of the year. Yes, I’m foolish, and countless other workers across the country are too. Perhaps, even some of your clients.

Published in July - August

My eighteen year-old daughter recently returned from her first trip abroad. She traveled with a school group to Scotland, England and France over her school’s spring break. She says that her experience has changed who she is as a person. When she describes her trip, people reply by saying that she has had a once-in-a lifetime adventure, but I do not think so. I think the travel bug has caught her.

Published in May - June

To get the biggest bang for your marketing buck, it is important that you reach the right people, with the right message, at the
right time.

Published in March - April

Happy 2015! It’s a new year, which always brings what feels to me like a fresh start. The calendar is wide-open and full of promise. Last year and all of its challenges are behind us.

Published in January - February

The big story in travel news recently has been about the Ebola crisis. The movement of people from one area of the world to another carries with it the possibility to also transport whatever germs those travelers might be carrying. The situation has been changing rapidly, but as of the date I am writing this page, there has been some good news in this health crisis. The twenty-one day period of quarantine for all of those people who were exposed to the Ebola patient in Dallas, TX has passed, with no additional cases reported.

Published in November - December

The world of marketing and advertising has changed. Nowadays, advertisers want to be able to measure the results of their marketing campaigns. This type of tracking information is easily accessible from digital advertising such as websites and email broadcasts, but not as easily obtained for print advertising.

Published in September - October

Our July/August issue is being delivered just in time for one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. We all should take some time off to relax and see the world. If your clients need a reason to go, we have compiled a list of some travel quotes for you to use in your marketing pieces, on your social media pages, or just for your own inspiration.

Published in July - August

I have been very amused by personality quizzes that have been popping up in my Facebook newsfeed lately, most of them originating from  “What Gemstone Are You?” and “Which Fictional Villain Are You?” are some of the most recent that friends have shared. I kept my comments to myself when a close friend’s result revealed that she was the wicked witch! Despite the silly titles and fun nature of these tests, sometimes the results are surprisingly accurate.

Published in May - June
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