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Searching for the Perfect Host

Written by  Katie Hultgren

The annual JAX FAX Guide to Host Agencies accompanies this issue. Our goal with the distribution of the host guide is to educate and inform agents of all of the options available to them when seeking a host agency, or even when considering a change.

Choosing a host agency to partner with is an important decision.Home-based agents have different needs than brick and mortar agencies. Small volume agencies will not want high membership fees, and new agents will want training opportunities. Be sure to consider the future goals you have for your agency.
Be clear about the services and benefits each company can potentially offer to you. Research the differences between each business model, and choose the one that can help your agency grow. Review the opportunities offered by each company, and determine what tools are being offered.
Once you have narrowed down your selection and have determined the type of company you want to align with, you should contact them to conduct an “interview.” What can they offer you, and how will working with them will benefit your existing business and allow you to grow? Your questions should be the tough ones, and you should expect clear and concise answers. You can even ask to speak to some of their current agents, and learn from others’ personal experiences with that host.
Check out their website, ask for access to their member portal and see if they work in a way compatible to your workflow. Ask questions if you have them - never assume anything.
Once you have made the decision that is right for you, be sure to take advantage of all they offer, including their technology, training, and supplier relationships. Make good use of all the benefits that are now available to you.
We have collaborated with a great company called Host Agency Reviews to provide you with more resources to use when seeking a host. Check out this site for more information:
I write this month’s note with plans for picnics and beach trips on my mind. Just a gentle reminder to our friends whose business it is to plan vacations for others, to be sure to take one (or two) of your own this summer.  Time has a way of flying by, and if you’re like me, you can always find more reasons to not do something, than to do it. You have my encouragement to take time for yourself to relax and enjoy a break from your routine.

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