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Sales Strategies You Can Implement At Once

Written by  Douglas Cooke

As you read this page, summer is coming to an end. As sad as that is, the good news is that your clients are now starting to plan their holiday and 2018 vacations. Now is the time to kick your marketing into high gear and capture that business. Below are 6 sales strategies you can use now brought to you courtesy of travel industry speaker and marketing consultant, Mike Marchev, who recently co-hosted a webinar highlighting these and other sales strategies you can use to build your business. That webinar can be found in our webinar library at

Write a letter to dormant accounts: These are the clients who once did business with you but for some unknown reason have stopped doing so. Write them a letter.

Stage a Mini-Sales Blitz: Break up your territory into bite-size pieces and attack each segment one at a time. This is known as a mini blitz, and is well within your capabilities.

Send postcards to your targeted accounts: Simple postcards remain one of our most effective marketing strategies. Postcards are easily obtained through your preferred suppliers. Start sending out 10 per week per agent. You and your agency will remain top of mind and this courtesy will pay dividends when it is time for your clients to leave town.

Write a letter establishing a two-step lead generation program: Two step has always been my favorite marketing strategy. You simply ask specific clients and prospects listed in your database who is interested in a particular destination. Then you provide meaningful information in your follow-up communications. It is by far the fastest way to find out who is interested in what.

Write An Article: This suggestion is usually met with the bogus excuse that “I am not a writer.” The truth is you know a lot about your specialty. You owe it to your clients and prospects to share that information. You most definitely can document your knowledge onto a sheet of paper. With a little bit of patience and editing you will soon have an article worth distributing far and wide.

Offer Newspaper (Newsletter) Fillers: Most organizations in your area have some form of communication newsletter or e-zine. The editors are always looking for information that is meaningful to readers. Since travel is a universal interest, you are a natural to send these organizations a handful of short articles with permission to run them when needed. This will increase your visibility and position you as an expert in your field.

Mike Marchev has been sharing sales and marketing ideas and strategies with the travel industry since 1984. He’s a popular speaker at industry events and facilitates a members only sales and marketing club while not conducting training programs at sea. Email Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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