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Micro-site Examples

Examples of JAX FAX Micro-site

The "FEATURED SPONSOR" micro-site position is located to the the right in the sidebar.
It contains 4 dynamic tabs that will display any content that you want to advertise.

Please see a couple examples to the right.

JAX FAX Microsite ads are customizable to a client’s needs.  With this unique marketing product, you are able to display up to four different ideas, all within one ad.  Each tab of the microsite ad is unique, and allows an advertiser to direct viewers to 4 separate topics.
For example, an Asia tour operator with a microsite ad might select a home page with a logo and phone number, that clicks to the home page of their website.  The remaining three tabs could be named for 3 Asia destinations they offer, each with an 300X250 image of that destination, that are clickable to the tour page for that particular destination on their website.  Other ideas for tabs might be: media, prices, press, or videos.
Microsite material requirements:
A Microsite can have between 1 and 4 unique tabs.
EACH tab needs:
Tab name (one word title for tab– for example: “Home” “Social” “Videos” “Prices” “Europe”)
Banner ad/image for each tab (300x 250 pixels – image should relate to tab title)
Link to a landing page for each tab (Clickable to landing page that relates to Tab title)

to inquire about our micro-sites please contact Doug Cooke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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