Written by  Professor Barry Goldsmith

If you think the only two large international Mexican airlines are Aeromexico and Mexicana, let me interject with Interjet Airlines - celebrating its 11th birthday.

Being the "new kid" on the block means more for airlines than it does for other companies. Interjet started with an entirely new fleet of planes 11 years ago and now has 70 planes. That means it has the newest fleet in Mexico, and one of the newest fleets in the entire world. Good news for passengers.

Air travel brings people together. While Interjet brings people together with its many new US gateways, it does so while separating people more than most airlines; separating people from one another by giving passengers more leg room on all their flights, with a very rare (for economy) 34-inch pitch between rows.

Unlike many American carriers, Interjet doesn't count pennies (or in its case - centavos). Interjet is a bargain airline, and is even more of a bargain with perks that make a difference. Every passenger on every flight gets complimentary beverage and food. And, while Interjet is becoming well known for not packing in economy passengers, they also don’t charge for packing in packages. Every Interjet passenger is allowed to check in 50 kilos of luggage for FREE, which sounds even better when you convert those kilos to 110 pounds.

And if you want even better food, and to check in even more luggage, there's "Priority Class" which allows you to check in 165 pounds of luggage. As Gabriela Jimenez, Interjet's Director of Institutional Relations said, "Interjet's Priority Class luggage allowance enables tourists who enjoy shopping to fly into a destination with our regular economy luggage allowance, and return after lots of shopping taking advantage of our greater luggage capacity."

Interjet's latest US route is JFK to the Yucatan, Cancun. This creates the possibility to do the ultimate Mexican History Tour for college alumni groups, or any client who travels to see the unique historical sites that can only be found in Mexico. Here's a suggested itinerary for the Interjet Mayan & Aztec Mexico Tour:

Fly Interjet JFK to Cancun
Tour Mayan and Spanish Colonial Yucatan, heading west from Tulum to Uxmal.
Sightsee in the Spanish Colonial cities of Campeche and Merida.
Fly Interjet from Merida to Mexico City
See the many Aztec sites including Teotihuacan.
Fly Mexico City back to JFK.

And for Americans and Mexicans who can't get enough Mayan ruins, Interjet even offers a nonstop flight from Mexico City to the Ancient Mayan city of Palenque.

Other Interjet US Gateways to Mexico City:
Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver (2017, Seasonal), Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (JFK), Orlando (Sanford), San Antonio, San Francisco (2017)

Interjet US Gateways to Cancun: Los Angeles, Miami, New York (JFK)

Interjet to Canada (coming 2017) to Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver

For even more US Gateways and more destinations now and upcoming in 2017 check Interjet's website:

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