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Sunday, 27 December 2015 13:32

Finding the Balance

Written by  Katie Hultgren
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If we asked someone what type of worker you are, would they answer that you spend too much time at the office and could be considered a workaholic? On the other hand, could someone call you a "slacker" and get away with it? Perhaps you are one of the few people who have found a really good balance of personal time and time spent working. I hope so!

At one time, jobs were scheduled 9:00 to 5:00. Once you left the office, you no longer had easy access to files, co-workers or office equipment. With today's technology, work creeps into our personal lives with the easy accessibility of email from our smart phones, and
home computers.
With every job, it can be difficult to successfully manage all of your work responsibilities, while juggling the needs of a family, a home, and most importantly - yourself. There are days when you may have to put in extra time to get the job done, and that is fine. But we also need to be sure we are working to live - not living to work.
Be Innovative: Devise solutions for tasks that are more efficient but achieve the same or better results. Use a calendar to remind you of important meetings or deadlines. This can help you mentally prepare and plan for upcoming projects, tasks and deadlines. Include personal items on the same calendar so you avoid conflicts. When a project looms, create a plan of action. Work with teams and delegate, assigning specific responsibilities so expectations are clear.
Create Boundaries: It is OK to say no. If someone asks you for something that will cause undue stress, it is OK for you to decline. My sister has devised the perfect statement saying, "It's not a good day." No excuses, no explanation, no argument and no guilt. And, if someone asks you to do something that gives you pleasure - find a way to fit it into your schedule. There is so much satisfaction in doing what you like to do.
Take your time: Take advantage of all of the vacation and personal time allotted to you. You will return to work recharged and refreshed. In your personal life, it is important to carve out time that is spent on yourself, separate from the needs of others. If you travel for business, consider "Bleisure" travel, which combines business and pleasure.
Ask for help: When overwhelmed at work or at home, do not be afraid to ask for help. Though, be sure to actually say the words. If you assume someone will see a need and fill it, you will be disappointed when they don't. People want to help, but sometimes do not know what to do. Stating your needs clearly will get you the help you want, while giving someone else the satisfaction of helping you achieve
your goals.
It is great to be ambitious and a hard worker. It is equally great to take time off, relax and enjoy time at leisure. Finding a work-life balance is something that will take a lifetime commitment, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

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