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No one celebrates the holiday season like New York. Whether it’s the colorful balloons floating through the City during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the bright lights of the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree or the incomparable excitement of a million revelers coming together to watch the ball drop during the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, all eyes are on NYC during the most wonderful time of the year.

Croatia is often called a nautical paradise, with one of the most indented coasts in the Mediterranean, and home to more than 1,000 islands. Sailing along Croatia’s coastline from north to south is the best way to explore it, or a visitor can hit the road instead, and discover some of the more off-the-beaten path sites. Here are just a few of the special places your clients will want to experience for themselves, whatever way they choose to get there.

The African safari experience has come a very long way since it all began in the 18th century, but it has most certainly not lost any of its intrigue or adventure. Some of the tented camps available today invoke a sense of safaris from days gone by, but offer all the amenities that today’s luxury travelers desire. There are many different types of safari, and so many unique ways to experience the vast and breathtaking landscapes of Africa. A luxury safari takes travelers to Africa in style and comfort.

EUROPE AzoresEnjoy two destinations for the price of one! Azores Airlines provides non-stop service from USA and Canada gateways, with continuing service on to mainland Portugal. From the US, it is just a 5 hour flight until your clients will have the opportunity to hike to the rim of an ancient volcano, admiring crater lakes of emerald green or deep blue, sipping wine grown in lava fields while dining in a seaside village, or watching an exquisite sunset over the Atlantic. And, after having from one to seven-days to discover the Azores, we then take them on to mainland Portugal to discover the delights of Lisbon and Porto. For those that want to get to the mainland, Azores Airlines brings a new way - the Azores Way. Fly direct if you have no time, but, flying direct means you’ll miss the Azores. With up to 3-flights per day on to Lisbon, and a daily-fight to Porto, moving beyond Azores just became so much easier with the new Stopover program.

Much of the Caribbean is back open for business. After damage from two back-to-back hurricanes four months ago, many destinations are reporting that they are ready to welcome tourists with open arms. Many travelers seem to have the impression that the entire region was destroyed, but these islands want tourists to know that this is not true. Tourism plays a large part in recovery, bringing revenue to the region, and providing employment for residents. They encourage people to come and see for themselves. There is still some residual damage and recovery efforts continue, but the beaches are still beautiful, and the people always warm and welcoming.

LATIN Brazil

Exclusive interview with
Travel Expert,
Rosana Chermisqui

Happy New Year! More than just a holiday, New Year’s Day represents a new start. You can finally discard the scribbled on calendars and date books from 2017, and begin to use the fresh, new 2018 ones. If you have not gotten one yet - they are probably on sale now that the New Year has begun! Here are steps you can take to ensure 2018 is your best year yet.
Many tour operators have published new online brochures - download or bookmark them so you have up-to-date pricing, and information about all the new products and offerings.

Niedzica-Castle-(3) 01Kliczkow zamek

To make the most of your clients’ Poland experience, offer them accommodation in one of the many historic and beautiful castles that have been transformed into boutique hotels. Travelers to Poland have many unique opportunities to stay in places of historic significance, with the ability to experience and enjoy the nearby tourism sites, museums, local cuisine, and all that Poland has to offer. See these and more castle stay possibilities at

EUROPE Croatia
Boasting some of the world’s cleanest waters, charming islands and a coast lined with World Heritage sites, the Adriatic Sea is one of the world’s premier cruising grounds. Most of the vessels plying these waters are not large cruise ships, but rather large yachts, ranging from rustic traditional sail boats to luxury yachts, providing an unspoiled, uncrowded cruise vacation option for your clients.

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