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July - August (18)

Virtual reality has finally arrived as an exciting new sales tool for travel agents with the much anticipated launch of Explor VR - JAX FAX’s brand new app-based virtual reality technology, created especially for travel agents.  
Early this fall, JAX FAX will be distributing Virtual Reality Starter Kits to our subscribers. This new sales tool will give you a sense of the amazing potential of VR technology - as a tool to help close sales, as a tactic to grab attention, as a means to bring more foot traffic through your agency door, and much more. Virtual reality technology can be used to engage and ‘wow’ clients, and we want agents to benefit from this technological development, bringing more to your clients that online booking websites can’t.

Monday, 02 July 2018 00:00

Planning for planned cities

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If you’ve been to London, Paris, Rome, Lisbon, St. Petersburg, Berlin, New Delhi, Kyoto, Shanghai, Philadelphia, Washington, DC - and even smaller cities such as Edinburgh, Bath, Versailles, Williamsburg, VA, Savannah, you’ve probably already vacationed in a planned city (or a re-planned city) without even realizing it. In addition, there are many fantastic, totally planned cities (from the ground up) sadly unknown even to the most sophisticated travelers, such as Karlsruhe (Germany), Zamosc (Poland), Richelieu (France).

LUXEBangkok - Foodies Delight! Michelin launched its first Bangkok guide this year with a variety of exciting options. The selection of 17 restaurants with one star and three with two stars includes international dining as well as the city’s renowned traditional cuisine. This makes it easy and trés enjoyable to eat your way through this blossoming gastronomic metropolis. Even one street vendor, Jay Fai, known for scrumptious crab omelets and curries made it into the mix.
I started my culinary crawl at Gaggan, which in addition to its Michelin two stars holds the number one spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Chef Gaggan Anand dazzles guests with a tasting extravaganza of 25 dishes highlighting Indian spices. From king crab curry to seabass on mango tartare, everything was delicious.

Clients who have tried ocean and river cruising and are looking for something different, coastal cruising might combine the best of both.
A coastal cruise can be a fairly luxurious experience aboard a new vessel with amenities, a no-frills, soft-adventure aboard a tall ship, sleeping in a bunk and sharing a bathroom.
Both types of vessels are small and can cruise where big ships can’t. They dock in ports that are rich in attractions--cities like Baltimore, Chicago and Seattle--and passengers can disembark much more quickly than those on big ships carrying thousands of guests.

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