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Written by  Katie Hultgren

The world of marketing and advertising has changed. Nowadays, advertisers want to be able to measure the results of their marketing campaigns. This type of tracking information is easily accessible from digital advertising such as websites and email broadcasts, but not as easily obtained for print advertising.

While JAX FAX does offer digital advertising, we also strongly believe in the benefit of print advertising in our magazines and supplements. We want to be sure that our advertisers are aware of just how powerful their ads are, and need your help to let them know.

JAX FAX is very proud of its 40-plus years of experience providing travel agents with information needed to sell travel to their clients. And lately, each issue contains even more destination articles than ever before. Every story and piece of news we print contains contact information for the travel suppliers who are mentioned, including websites and phone numbers. Advertisements which are related to the destination article or geographic region are placed carefully, putting that very relevant and timely information directly in front of you, the reader. It’s our business and pleasure to connect travel agents with travel suppliers.

You can help our advertisers get a better sense of the power of their ads. When you are in contact with a travel supplier who you have learned about by reading any of the JAX FAX Travel Marketing products (in print in Destinations or Getting There, on our website, or through an email broadcast) be sure to mention our name.
If you participate in one of the many FAM trips we publish, let the supplier know how you found out about that trip. If you are at an industry event that you decided to attend after reading our calendar, mention that too! If you contact a supplier you saw in an article in either of the magazines or in a JAX FAX Trade Show Special flier you received at an industry show, or if you make a call to get information from a Host Agency you learned about in our annual guide - we would sincerely appreciate the nod! When you call our office, and we provide you with the name of an air consolidator - be sure to tell them who sent you.

It is our goal to continue to provide agents with news and information that you can use in your daily activities - as well as to be a resource for information when you are researching a destination for a client, or need to find a contact for a particular travel itinerary. By mentioning where you learned about them, you will affirm to our advertisers that the ways in which we provide you with that information is working.

While it is impossible to provide the same type of detailed tracking for our print magazines as we do for a web-based marketing - we want our clients  and advertisers to know that our travel agent audience is reading JAX FAX, and that you are receiving their marketing message. We would truly appreciate you telling them.  Thanks! 

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