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Email Marketing - Getting it Right to Grow Your Business

Written by  Douglas Cooke

As I am sure our readers are all too aware, email marketing has become a preferred arrow in the marketing quivers of travel suppliers. Like you, my email is inundated with hundreds of emails, many of which are off target and of little interest to me. So why does email marketing remain so popular? Because, if done correctly, it is
very effective.
Below is an article written by Mike Marchev, a long time travel industry educator and speaker at various travel conferences, about how travel agents can effectively use email marketing to reach your customers and grow
your business.

Five Tips To Ensure That Your Email Marketing Will Still Work
Marketing with emails may soon become the next victim to the “flavor-of-the-month” scenario of how to stay in business when selling travel-related products and services. The tendency to jump from strategy to strategy is also known as SBS - The Shiny Bauble Syndrome. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe that when executed properly, the email as a solid communication device should definitely remain in your arsenal of marketing weapons. The secret is to format and write your electronic message in a way that is conducive to receiver receptivity. Allow me to explain.

Always begin your emails with the recipient’s name. “Dear Traveler,” or “To Whom It May Concern,” or any similar lame opening is just that... “lame.” Don’t waste your time, and avoid this practice at all costs.

Say something that is worth saying. This means the content has “me” in mind, and does not involve a data-dump of useless information telling me how cool you are. (Remember: It is all about me.)

Adopt the ageless salesperson’s mantra as your personal mission statement: Be Bright. Be Brief. Be Gone.

Fourth: Always, always, always end your emails with a CTA. This is marketing jargon, short for “Call To Action.” Most people have a tendency to follow directions and to do what they are told to do. Tell them to do something. Example: “Send me a return email right now to ask for your Special Report on How To Keep Your Family Safe While Traveling Abroad.”

Fifth: I saved the most important reminder for last. Work hard at creating a sincere and intriguing title to include in your SUBJECT BOX. This is the line where readers elect to read or delete your message. Do not sell this box short. It is the key to your future. Spend ample time developing a good subject for each and every email you send. If you don’t, you are only cheating yourself.
Do emails still work? You bet they do. If and when written properly.
Mike Marchev is a popular business educator who focuses on the need of having fun while growing a business. Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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