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Friday, 02 May 2014 13:03

Who Are You?

Written by  Katie Hultgren

I have been very amused by personality quizzes that have been popping up in my Facebook newsfeed lately, most of them originating from  “What Gemstone Are You?” and “Which Fictional Villain Are You?” are some of the most recent that friends have shared. I kept my comments to myself when a close friend’s result revealed that she was the wicked witch! Despite the silly titles and fun nature of these tests, sometimes the results are surprisingly accurate.

At JAX FAX, we believe that we know travel agents. If you were to take a test that asked what kind of person you are, here is what we think we’d find out about our readers.

You Are Intelligent
The world of selling travel is perpetually changing. In order to keep up with trends, new technology, new policies, regulations, laws and all the products on offer - you have to be quick witted and eager to learn.

You Are Educated
Regardless of your formal education, you have learned a lot about the world by researching destinations, reading travel publications like JAX FAX, reviewing press material distributed by tourist boards, and experiencing destinations for yourself on FAM trips.

You Are Skilled
Not everyone can negotiate GDS systems, and the proprietary software of host agencies, be familiar with tour operator’s agent portals, in addition to all the regular office software like word processing, email, spreadsheets, etc. Keeping up with all the technological developments and advances takes lots of skill.

You Are Worldly
Where have you been, and what have you seen? Probably more than most people! To best sell a destination, experience is key. You can share your enthusiasm and first-hand knowledge of the places you’ve been.

You Like People
Dealing with the public takes a special kind of person. You have to be confident, outgoing, willing to go the extra mile, and possess a true desire to be of service, and provide the best experience you can to your clients.

You Are Dedicated & Loyal
In this ever changing world of travel, you have been true to your business - making the necessary changes in your day-to-day operations to best serve your customers. You have a portfolio of clients who depend on you to take care of their travel needs, and provide them with the type of vacation they seek. It’s a big job, and you do it because you love it.
    How did we do? Engage with us on Facebook and let us know! We want to hear more from you, and learn what  you love about being a travel agent.

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