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Saturday, 01 March 2014 00:00

Yes, You Can Make Money Selling Air

Written by  Douglas Cooke

As I am sure you have noticed, things have changed here at JAX FAX. The magazine you are reading is the new and improved version, now called Destinations by JAX FAX. With this magazine, you also received our new Getting There by JAX FAX magazine, which is 100% devoted to informing you about opportunities to sell international air and make money doing so. Included in Getting There are articles and interviews with airlines and air consolidators, as well as our patented “listings” of consolidator and charter airfares worldwide. Also included as part of this issue of Getting There is our Annual Guide to Working with Air Consolidators. This guide includes articles educating travel agents about how to work effectively with air consolidators, and also includes profiles of some of the leading consolidators.

Making Money with Consolidators
Since 1972, JAX FAX has been bringing travel agents and air consolidators together to your mutual benefit. After the elimination of the majority airline commissions in 1995, travel agents turned to consolidators in order to continue making money selling international air to their clients. With very few exceptions, working with an air consolidator will enable you to save your client money while making a commission for yourself. And while it is possible to make a commission on economy fares, the real money is in business and first class where making hundreds, if not thousands, on a ticket is possible. And bear in mind that even if a consolidator’s contracted fare is the same as a published fare, many times they can pay you a commission on the published fare. Also for homebased agents without a GPS, you should use a consolidator for all of your airline tickets, even if you don’t make a commission on a ticket. You can still make a service charge on the sale, and if something happens with your client’s flights en route, you have someone you can call to assist you in getting
them re-rerouted.

International Airline commissions
It is also worth noting that many foreign flag carriers still offer airline commissions. In many cases your clients will have to use another carrier for their transatlantic or pacific flight, but once across the ocean, can connect to the foreign carrier which will pay you a commission. Both APG and AviaReps have contracts with many of these airlines and it is worth your while getting to know the airlines these companies represent.

Commission Agreements
Many consortia and Host Agency organizations now offer their members access to commissonable international airfares through their proprietary booking systems.
Many agents thought that the elimination of commissions by airlines meant the end of making money on airline tickets. As you can see, we disagree, and now produce a magazine specifically to give agents information on international air and how you can still make money by selling it.

Consolidator Search Engine
NOTE: Search uses Airport Codes (ie: ORD vs. CHI). Lookup Airport Codes Here
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